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We believes Indonesia, with its rich cultural diversity, has a strong foundation to grow its creative industries which cover various economic activities that seek to generate or exploit information and knowledge. The growth of one’s creative industry can bring an array of benefits, including significant contribution to the GDP, a stronger international presence, creation of a positive business climate, and utilization of renewable resources.


Supported by three service pillars, we provide a one-stop B2B to B2C integrated service offering connecting entertainment content globally with core South East Asian businesses and consumers.

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Yenny Wangsawidjaya
Managing Director

Yenny Wangsawidjaya has over two decades of experience in hospitality and service industry, with core skills and knowledge covering operations management, staff development, customer service and P&L management. She has held key senior ope- rations positions in companies like Singapore Airlines, TungLok Group, New Age Sakura and SOZO. Acting as a current CFO at Goshen Group of companies, Yenny is integral in raising funds for media productions and start-up projects vis-a-vis tapping on Goshen Group’s existing network of investors, whom she has provided oversight and management expertise for their investment portfolios in the region.

Allen Jordan
Marketing & Business Development Director

Allen Jordan has over a decade of experience in the nancial industry, holding key business development positions in various companies like Fraser Securities, KPMG, AIA, OCBC Securities, and European Financial Group Bank. Acting as a current CEO at Goshen Media, Allen provides the vision, strategic direction and tactical implementation to help and grow the company, with businesses that include content marketing, IP management and show biz.

Faza Meonk
Marketing Communications Director

Well known for his creation, Si Juki, a national sensation with hundred thousands fans following the character through its multimedium adaptation ranging from comics, games, toys and its own animation feature film. In 2014 Faza established a ctional character management company named PIONICON to develop character-based Intellectual Property as a strategy to support Indonesia’s creative economy.

Sunny Gho
Creative Director

With his background as an artist, Sunny is the among the first Indonesian to work in mainstream US comics publishers like Marvel and DC Comics. Passionate on raising Indonesia to world industry standard get him branching as an entrepreneur, founding initiatives from production studios, comic book publishing and POPCON as the premier pop culture event in Indonesia.

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